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Ironcore, Inc. and Beauceron Security Announce One-of-a-Kind Partnership

Posted by Julia Curtis on Jun 14, 2023 3:30:01 PM

(Onalaska, WI) June 14, 2023 - Ironcore, Inc., a provider of security, technology, and private cloud solutions for financial institutions, has partnered with Beauceron Security, a fast-growing B2B cybersecurity company that helps organizations of all sizes reduce the human aspects of cyber risk.

Beauceron Security’s proven approach can reduce risk from phishing by as much as 85% in the first 90 days and delivers better results than other solutions over the long term. 

Beauceron Security pioneered the concept of a personal cyber risk score, a tool that helps every individual in an organization know how well they’re doing in understanding and preventing cyber threats. Beauceron’s advanced phishing simulation engine, its customizable education, and its tools to help organizations deal with e-mails reported by employees all help make sure organizations stay safe. 

“We’re thrilled to combine Beauceron’s powerful security awareness platform with our experience and passion for the financial sector,” Andy Minneker, President of Ironcore. 

Ironcore and Beauceron Security will be working together to create custom content and training specifically for community banks and their unique needs. Training will emphasize positive behavior change that transitions users from passive security targets to active defenders. 

“What sets Beauceron apart from traditional security awareness solutions is our track record in enabling and empowering individuals to know more and care more about security,” says David Shipley, CEO and Co-Founder of Beauceron Security. “We’re so excited to work with the fantastic team at Ironcore who have been a trusted provider of security and IT solutions for the financial industry.”

Ironcore and Beauceron are committed to helping community banks mitigate cybersecurity risks and foster a culture of security awareness. This partnership signifies a significant step towards strengthening the overall security posture of community banks, ultimately safeguarding their customers and reinforcing trust in the financial sector.

“Both having been through the ICBA’s ThinkTECH Accelerator program, as well as being part of the BankTech Ventures portfolio, Beauceron Security is already well aligned with Community Banks,” said Andy Minneker, President of Ironcore. “Being able to help create tailored content for community banks has us very excited,” says Minneker. 


For more information about Ironcore's cybersecurity solutions and the collaboration with Beauceron, please contact sales@ironcore-inc.com.

About Ironcore, Inc.

Ironcore, Inc. is an FFIEC examined provider of security, technology, and private cloud solutions for financial institutions. Ironcore has a national presence helping banks across the country in developing strategic IT plans that secure, simplify, and strengthen their individual technology systems. Ironcore develops technology landscapes that not only fully address the requirements of today but are able to withstand the demands of the future.

About Beauceron Security

Beauceron Security helps turn employees into active participants in the discovery and resolution of phishing-based cyber-attacks within those critical first minutes where a security event can become a full-blown security incident. Beauceron’s proven approach to measuring performance ensures that employees receive the right education, at the right time, and that every minute spent on security awareness training delivers meaningful risk reduction. Beauceron works with more than 700 clients and 650,000 people have benefited from its security awareness solutions.


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