Many organizations have a plan for getting critical data backed up and stored off-site.  Did you know that data backup is only half the solution? How quickly can you replace your servers in a disaster?


Up until now, you had three options for Windows Server Hardware Disaster Contingency solutions:

  • Buy new server hardware after the disaster and hope to get a new server in a week or two
  • Make the capital investment to purchase contingency server hardware before the disaster
  • Have a vendor provide server hardware after a disaster


Now there is a fourth choice, a better choice

The next evolutionary step in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery has arrived, Hosted Contingency Servers (HCS).

Instead of backing up your data locally and arranging for your own local contingency hardware, let Ironcore backup your data on-line and provide your contingency solution for you. If you have a disaster, Ironcore will restore your data to our servers at our SOC audited data center in Onalaska, Wisconsin. Ironcore's private datacenter does not use public cloud services!  You then connect your contingency facility to the Ironcore data center via a secure Internet connection. Within hours of the disaster, your organization will be able to access these servers from any location that has Internet access!

The monthly fee to subscribe to this service is very affordable and the upfront capital outlay is minimal.


How does Disaster Recovery work?

Ironcore will provide a daily backup of your servers to our data center using SystemVault, Ironcore’s’ proven and secure on-line backup solution. Ironcore provides a router that is pre-configured to the Internet access to the Ironcore data center that is stored at your contingency site. If a disaster strikes, you contact our data center. We will start the emergency data restore process to our hardware. You then connect the Ironcore contingency router to the Internet at your contingency site and you are back up and running!

At your contingency location, you need computers, printers, electricity and high-speed Internet access. This service is available for as long as you need it. It is typically two to four weeks, while you procure, configure and install the permanent replacement hardware.


What about testing?

Ironcore offers a number of testing options, including full HCS test restore with test results and documentation. Custom designed testing plans that fit your situation and Business Continuity Plan.

Stop worrying about a weak or incomplete Business Continuity Plan. Now you can have a complete, comprehensive and low-cost solution, no matter what your organization’s particular situation or budget.


We have designed a 62-page template to help guide you through the Business Continuity Plan process. Download the template today! 


Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Template