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The internet is critical to the majority of businesses nowadays. Unfortunately, malicious websites, spyware, and viruses present real threats to the business that just cannot be ignored. There is also a growing need for companies to filter content to protect their employee's from the unsavory content or cut down on bandwidth costs.


Ironcore Inc.'s SafeWeb protects organizations from threats by managing the organizations' Internet traffic. It can regulate the content employees can access, protect the network from malware and malicious attacks online and control bandwidth usage.


The basic configuration for customers requires no upfront purchase and no software installation and it can be set up and operational in a matter of minutes making it an ideal solution for any organization.                  


Features of SafeWeb 


DNS Based

It is DNS based solution requiring simple DNS redirect to the Ironcore SafeWeb servers. This makes it simple to set up and manage. It facilitates scale and eliminates latency. 

Web-based User Interface 

Ironcore SafeWeb can be securely accessed online, which allows the end user company administrators easy access to manage their policies and generate reports. 

URL Filtering

Ironcore SafeWeb filters website URLs into 53 predefined categories such as social media, news, pornography, gambling etc. The system contains over 500 million website addresses in 200 languages, each sorted into the predefined categories. Combined with a cloud-based lookup, users get highly accurate and flexible filtering based on the website's content. 

Reporting Suite 

Reports are available at a global level as well as at the account level. Browsing activity reports can be scheduled to run on a timed basis or can be run on demand and detail the sites that were allowed/blocked over a specific time, requests by category, requests by domain and requests by IP.  Real-time browsing and search functionality are also available. 


Each customer account has its own login and policy manager. Each account can manage internet content for multiple locations.

Flexible Policy Creation 

Using Ironcore SafeWeb, you can easily allow end user company administrators to create and manage their own policy to protect their users. 

Malware & Phishing Protection  

Protect your client's network from malware and phishing attacks with Ironcore SafeWeb's categories of malware protection. Ironcore SafeWeb will block access to compromised websites, malicious websites, spam-based websites, and spyware. 

Centralized Administration 

Ironcore Inc. can manage all accounts centrally from the web-based user interface. The centralized dashboard provides an overview of the system performance and customer activity.