Why use the IronWAN Managed SD-WAN solution?

Lowered Costs with Iron-WAN

Lowered Costs

IronWAN technology allows organizations to efficiently leverage all available network connections to their full capacity including inexpensive internet connections like cable and DSL that were solely used as a backup.  

Internet connections are generally much less expensive than enterprise WAN links like MPLS, Metro-E, dedicated T1 lines and fiber connections which typically have long provisioning times and expensive contracts.

IronWAN allows your organization to achieve a robust enterprise network while lowering management costs.


increased performance with Iron-WAN

Increased Performance

IronWAN technology uses a path of least resistance.

IronWAN continuously measures unidirectional data of packet-by-packet, bandwidth, links, and pathways between all sites. 

IronWAN sends traffic to the optimal connection to create high application predictability and performance. 

IronWAN creates a smart and responsive network, one that adapts in real time to guarantee critical applications have priority and that all applications take the best quality path through the network.

Increased Redundancy with Iron-WAN

Increased Redundancy

Conventional MPLS, Metro-E, dedicated T1 lines and fiber connections are reliable but can be very expensive, especially when you factor the cost/MB of bandwidth.  DSL and Cable internet connections are much less expensive and but can be less reliable.

IronWAN solves this problem as it will always use at least two data lines, ideally two inexpensive DSL or Cable Internet type lines. These multiple lines are always up and operational.  If one line fails, the remaining line(s) take over transparently. 

No downtime.

No failover time. 

In fact, your remote users will not even know there was a failed connection.