Ironcore offers a complete and comprehensive server hosting plan for banks and credit unions. This plan includes all of your institution’s Windows servers and your core and ancillary servers. This is not the same as a traditional outsourcing solution as Ironcore does not run any processing services on your behalf, we simply host your servers in our state-of-the-art, FDIC examined data center. Your staff still enters all data, runs batch and accrual, does statement processing and interfacing to ancillary services. Ironcore provides the Windows hardware, data backup services, software upgrades, patches/updates and Disaster Recovery testing via our contingency site in Phoenix, AZ.   You will never have to purchase, upgrade or patch another Windows server again!

Why Utilize Server Hosting?

Compliance-In today’s highly regulated environment, many organizations face a growing challenge to keep their computer technology compliant, operational and within budget. A server hosting solution takes much of this compliance load off of your shoulders.
Support-Many institutions are struggling with supporting the increasingly complicated computer technology that has become the norm in this industry. Today that means either an expensive internal IT support staff or a relationship with a local IT services provider. Ironcore’s Server Hosting Service locates the servers where the System Support techs are, at our data center, which dramatically lowers downtime and issue resolution times.


Budget-Tired of non-budgeted surprises to repair, replace or upgrade your servers? Replace that with a regular monthly fee that eliminates these surprises.

How Does it Work?

Ironcore’s data center, located in Onalaska WI, becomes your institution’s new data center. We connect to you just like a branch would, over a high-speed MPLS or multiple Internet connections. It is really that simple.

There is no change in most user’s day-to-day job functions. About the only people whose jobs change are within Operations as they no longer have to apply core or ancillary software upgrades, deal with backups, worry about out-growing your technology, patching Windows servers or providing Windows support to your users.

Services Included or Available with the Ironcore Hosted Server Plan

  • All Windows and Core Servers Hosted in Onalaska, WI
  • Data Storage and Servers Replicated to Phoenix, AZ
  • Server Software Update service, including core software
  • Windows Server software licensing
  • Server and Workstation patching (Microsoft and Third-party)
  • Citrix/Terminal Server software licensing
  • Windows Office Software licensing
  • Exchange Email Server Software licensing
  • Zix Email Encryption and SafeMail Spam Filtering
  • Internet Access with Intrusion Protection Service (IPS)
  • Internet Web-Filtering Service
  • Unlimited Level 1 Helpdesk Services
  • WAN router monitoring and support
  • Anti-Virus Services
  • Annual Disaster Recovery Testing
  • Quarterly TechnologEASE Meetings, including:
    • Review of Performance and Services provided
    • Review of Current and Upcoming Regulatory Compliance Issues
    • Audit and Exam Preparation Assistance
    • Documentation of System Performance
    • Review of any Outstanding Issues


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