An organization’s data is one of its most valuable assets. As a result, every organization should have a data backup plan that gets a copy of this valuable information off-site every day in case of a disaster. Many organizations use tapes or other media for this purpose. The problem is that tape backups are expensive, time-consuming and often unreliable. Then there is the issue of actually getting those tapes or other media off-site each night and bringing in the next day’s media the following morning. Another solution is to replicate your data to another company owned location. While this is a good solution, the on-going cost to purchase and maintain two sets of servers, plus the cost of an adequate data line between these locations can be overwhelming. And for most companies, the data volume just keeps growing and growing, often outgrowing your tape or replication solution.

The solution?

An on-line, encrypted backup plan that will allow you to backup this critical data to our data center located in Onalaska WI, instead of using tapes/media or replication. This fully managed service provides daily backups utilizing your existing Internet connection. There is no hardware to purchase or maintain and we email you the status of each backup job very night. Plus our staff actively watches your backups to make sure that everything is working as expected.

There are a number of advantages of using Ironcore to provide your data backups. You will no longer need to take encrypted tapes or other media off-site. Your data is safe and secure in our data center and is replicated at our secondary center in Phoenix, AZ. Your data is then geographically distant from your main location which limits the chances of a single event compromising both your location and Ironcore. This can save you time, money and may reduce your disaster recovery time. This service when coupled with one of Ironcore’s hardware contingency plans provides a complete and robust disaster recovery plan and will be both complete and affordable.

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