Email has become one of the most critical applications for almost every business. It has also become one of the most common ways to infect businesses with malware. It is also not a secure method of communication as email interception is easy to do.


Spam and Virus Filtering

Depending on the source, industry experts say that between 70% and 90% of all email traffic is spam. As a result, much of this is loaded with malware, with the intent on infecting your network.


What is a company to do?

With Ironcore’s email spam and virus filtering system, each user gets a regular quarantine report that shows what emails are spam. Therefore, the user tells the email to be delivered, deleted or whitelisted from that sender. This is a fully managed and hosted service, as a result, your companies IT staff will not be bothered with installation updates or any on-going end-user support. Most noteworthy Ironcore takes care of this for one low monthly fee.


Email Encryption

Could someone other than the intended recipient view confidential emails sent from your institution?  Are you concerned that an email encryption solution will be expensive, hard to implement and confusing?  Has your bank or credit union taken a hit in an exam or audit recently for not having an email encryption solution?

Ironcore’s ZixCorp solution requires no hardware at your end. With a quick, efficient, and remote installation, you can purchase email encryption for every email user at your organization, or just for selected users. Zix email encryption allows you to send encrypted emails to any user, anywhere, at any time. As an added benefit, date and time stamped certified receipts for all encrypted emails are an integral part of this solution. In addition, Ironcore does all the set up so there is little or nothing required of your IT staff.

Easily encrypt outgoing emails either manually or automatically in one of three ways:

  1. Your end-users can manually encrypt an email with the click of an icon in Outlook.
  2. Your end-users can insert the word “Secure” in the message line of the email.
  3. Zix scans each outgoing email for sensitive content, including Social Security numbers, account numbers, credit card numbers, financial terms or other personal financial information. Then Zix encrypts the email as necessary.